The Kirby series is a series of Kirby games created by Masahiro Sakurai and developed by the HAL Laboratory. It is one of Nintendo's most popular and best-selling franchises, selling over 50 million units since its debut. The series is known for its bright and artistic setting, cute characters, cheerful upbeat music, and the ability to inhale an enemy.


All the titles in the Kirby series feature a pink spherical creature named Kirby as the main playable character and protagonist. The most recurring antagonist of the series is King Dedede, owner of King Dedede's Castle and the self-proclaimed, mean ruler of Dream Land. King Dedede has appeared in every Kirby game except Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. Meta Knight is another major recurring character. He is a chivalrous, but enigmatic warrior who assists Kirby. Depending on the situation, he sometimes fights Kirby to get the things he desires. He respects a certain code of honor, and always offers Kirby a sword when fighting with him.

The games' fantasy world of Pop Star includes many regions of different climates and terrain, which are home to many different creatures. The areas in each game have unique names, but they fall into categories such as fiery caverns, open meadows, water-filled or submerged areas, icy mountains, and similar nature-based places.

List of Kirby gamesEdit

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Main seriesEdit

Title   Platform   Release Date (US)   Box Art  
Genre: Platformers
Kirby's Dream Land Game Boy 1 Aug 1992 [1]

Kirby's AdventureEdit

NES / Famicom 1 May 1993 [2]

Kirby's Dream Land 2Edit

Super Game Boy 1 May 1995 [3]

Kirby Super StarEdit

8 Games in 1 package. Spring Breeze is a short rehash of Kirby's Dream Land. Kirby's Fun Pak in PAL regions

SNES / Super Famicom

20 Sept 1996


Kirby's Dream Land 3Edit

SNES / Super Famicom 27 Nov 1997 [5]

Kirby 64: The Crystal ShardsEdit

Nintendo 64 26 Jun 2000 [6]

Kirby & the Amazing MirrorEdit

Game Boy Advance 18 Oct 2004 [7]

Kirby: Canvas CurseEdit

Kirby: Power Paintbrush in PAL regions

Nintendo DS 13 Jun 2005 [8]

Kirby: Squeak SquadEdit

Kirby Mouse Attack in PAL regions

Nintendo DS 4 Dec 2006 [9]

Kirby's Epic YarnEdit

Wii 17 Oct 2010 [10]

Kirby Mass AttackEdit

Nintendo DS 19th Sep 2011 [11]

Kirby's Return to Dream LandEdit

Wii 24 Oct 2011 [12]

Kirby's Dream Collection: Special EditionEdit

Wii 16 Sep 2012 [13]


Title   Platform   Release Date   Box Art  

Kirby's Pinball LandEdit

Game Boy November 1993 [14]

Kirby's Dream CourseEdit

First appearance of Keeby.

SNES / Super Famicom February 1995 [15]

Kirby's AvalancheEdit

Not developed or released in Japan.


25 Apr 1995 [16]

Kirby's Block BallEdit

Game Boy May 1996 [17]

Kirby's Toy BoxEdit

Only released in Japan. Known as Kirby no Omocha Hako locally.

Broadcast Satellaview 1996 [18]

Kirby's Star StackerEdit

Game Boy April 1997 [19]

Kirby Tilt 'n' TumbleEdit

Game Boy Color 9 Apr 2001 [20]

Kirby SlideEdit

E-reader (Game Boy Advance) Nov-Dec 2003 [21]

Kirby Air RideEdit

Nintendo GameCube 13 October 2003 [22]


Title   Platform   Release Date   Box Art  

Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu / Kirby Super Star StackerEdit

Remake of Kirby's Star Stacker. Only released in Japan

Super Famicom 30 November 1997 [23]

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream LandEdit

Remake of Kirby's Adventure.

Game Boy Advance 2 Dec 2002 [24]

Kirby Super Star UltraEdit

Enhanced remake of Kirby Super Star.

Nintendo DS 22 Sep 2008 [25]

Unreleased titlesEdit

Title   Platform   Release Date   Box Art  

Kid KirbyEdit

SNES / Super Famicom

Kirby Air Ride (Nintendo 64)Edit

Nintendo 64

Kirby FamilyEdit

Gameboy Color

Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble 2Edit

Nintendo GameCube

Kirby GCNEdit

Nintendo GameCube