The term n00b (pronounced: noob), and derivations thereof, is used extensively. The word means and derives from newbie (as in new and inexperienced or uninformed), and is used as a means of segregating them as less than the "elite," or even "normal," members of a group.


Example of tricking a n00b

Owned and pwnedEdit

Owned and pwn3d (generally pronounced "owned" and "powned", respectively) both refer to the domination of a player in a video game or argument (rather than just a win), or the successful hacking of a website or computer. 


Example of being pwn3d by a Whale


Example of ownage

As is a common characteristic of N00B, the terms have also been adapted into noun and adjective forms, ownage and pwnage, which can refer to the situation of pwning or to the superiority of its subject (e.g., "He's a very good player. He's pwnage.").