To most people who have played the classic Sonic game, there is only one transformation to Sonic The Hedgehog. Super Sonic. Super Sonic is faster than Sonic, and he can fly. The only downside is he needs a steady supply of rings and still can not breath underwater.
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Variations of the name

Super Sonic

Sonic's Super Forme

Golden Sonic

Formes That Are Made By SegaEdit

When it comes to Sonic, no one thinks he loses it sometimes. He does. A great example of this is Dark Sonic. He has appeared in the show Sonic X so there is a chance of him being released into
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a future title. In order to achieve this forme, Sonic has become fueled by anger and can no longer control it. He has appeared to be purplish, with no pupils, and has a dark aura emenating around him.

Variations Of The Name:

Dark Sonic

Dark Super Sonic

Seelkadoom (Sonic RPG)

Hyper Sonic is considered the 'second level' of Super Sonic. As described in Sonic Split, the Master Emerald has 'fused' with sonic and has physically 'taken over' his body. His first appearance, though, was Sonic 3, making sense beacaus Knuckles and the Master Emerald were introduced here.
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Variations Of The Name

Super Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic

The Master Emerald's Form (Sonic Split)

Fan-made Forms / Forms From ComicsEdit

With a character such as Sonic, there's bound to be fans that are talented enough to make different versions of him. For example, Fleetway Sonic. He is seemingly similar to Super Sonic, but the differences of personality are uncanny. First mentioned in the Archie Comics, we have witnessed a sadistic, heartless version of Super Sonic. His eyes are what sets him and Super Sonic apart. The pupils are red and have red rings around them, making him seem demonic. He is often portrayed as powerful and looks as though he has the power to destroy the world. As

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mentioned in Sonic Split, he was an evil sealed away by Sonic many years ago, and released due to Sonic's transformation into Super Sonic. But not right away.

Variations Of Name

Demon Super Sonic (Sonic Split)

Demon Sonic


Fleetway Sonic

Fleetway Super Sonic