Sonic The Hedgehog - Playthrough (Part 1)

Sonic The Hedgehog - Playthrough (Part 1)

I'm sure you have all heard of Sonic. That little blue hedgehog has been around for quite some time. He's gone from just running throung levels defeating robots to traveling through time.

The First Sonic Game: The Beginning Of A Legendary HedgehogEdit

With extradordinary graphics and Sonic's extreme speed, it's no wonder why Sonic became a video game icon. The franchise has sold over 70 million copies worldwide, inducing fan fics, fan art, and even games not created by Sega. 

The BeginningEdit

In order to compete with Nintendo, Naoto drew a little blue hedgehog. When first shown, his subordinates thought of Sonic as looking very child-like and was a cute character, but Naoto's mind, Sonic was older and more mature. In the final developing stages, Sonic's character art and design were sent over to Sega Of America because they felt the game needed some adjustments in order to be popular with people in America. Madeline Schroeder was asked to 'redesign'  Sonic's background and character. Sega Of Japan asked SOA to take charge over the whole project so it could work in the western markets.

An impressive game needed an impressive sound track. So Sega hired Masato Nakamura to compose music for the game. With the game still in early development, Masato only had screenshots for his 'inspiration'.

The UnveilingEdit

How was Sega going to compete with Nintendo with marketing Sonic?

At first, they kept him under lock and key until the Video Game Convention. A news reporter for a major magazine asked this quesion "The SNES has more that 1000 colors. You have 512. What are you going to do about it?" Al Nilsen, simply motioned for her to follow him. He led her into a booth with two monitors. One had Mario on it and the other Sonic. "It doesn't matter how many colors you have, what matters is how you use them." he said.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Commercial Collection Vol

Sonic The Hedgehog - Commercial Collection Vol.1